Frenchy Cannoli

Cannabis Resin Consultant, Educator & Writer

Frenchy Cannoli is a Consultant, Educator and Writer in the Cannabis industry with special focus on hash making using traditional methods. 

Using the precedent of the wine industry's business model developed from the concept of "terroir" from his native France, Frenchy advocates on behalf of the Breeders & Growers of California's Emerald Triangle.

1. The Melt or amount of resin formed in the trichomes.

2. Stability of the resin indicates good drying methodology.

3.  The appearance of resin varies wildly from loose trichomes to pressed Hashish and is therefore difficult to judge without manipulation.

4. The bouquet or aroma (Nose) expressed by the resin is the olfactory essence of the experience to come, the richness of the resin natural expression.

5. The taste forms an integral part of the experience and will often be aligned with personal preference. 

6. The smoothness of the smoke during inhalation.

7. The body, the term describes the sensation of fullness in the mouth, beyond the initial smoothness, as the taste buds explore the complexity of the smoke and of the terpene profile.

8. The complexity of a smoke is associated to quality but also to the feeling accompanying the experience of smoking, the more complex the smoke the more intense the overall feeling.

9. The balance expresses the finesse, elegance and perfect harmony of all the elements in the smoke.

10. Intensity/Duration identifies the intensity of the flavors and how long they linger in the mouth after inhaling the smoke, a guide to the concentration of terpenes and the duration of ‘yumminess’ after exhalation.

11. The overall pleasure and uniqueness offered by the experience unique to each strain.