Frenchy Cannoli

Cannabis Resin Consultant, Educator & Writer

Frenchy Cannoli is a Consultant, Educator and Writer in the Cannabis industry with special focus on hash making using traditional methods. 

Using the precedent of the wine industry's business model developed from the concept of "terroir" from his native France, Frenchy advocates on behalf of the Breeders & Growers of California's Emerald Triangle.

 Photo by David Hua @getmeadow

Photo by David Hua @getmeadow

Workshops Offered by Frenchy:

Workshop #1: Ice Water Sieving

Workshop#2: Dry Sieving and Pressing

(Click on link to download full workshop description.)

Frenchy would love to do a workshop in your area!

If you are interested in hosting a workshop the requirements are:

  •  Space that can handle it if a little water falls on the floor during the live demonstration, i.e. concrete or tile floor that can be easily mopped up afterwards.
  • Can seat 15-25 people 
  • Has access to a coffee maker or a source of caffeine in the neighborhood 

Send Frenchy a DM on Instagram (@frenchycannoli) to discuss. We would like to start scheduling the workshops well in advance so participants can take advantage of the better travel fares, etc. 

Special Requirements for workshops in California: 

Please bring a copy of your valid Doctor's Recommendation letter with your California ID for verification. Nobody can be admitted to participate in any workshops held in California without current documentation.